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Can Digital Government Function Without Trust?

There is an ambitious call for sweeping digital transformation across Australian Government functions, which aims to provide all Australians the ability to deal with government anywhere, anytime, on any device, for every service.

While this progress is welcome, government digital services must continue to improve to keep up with the service experience that is increasingly commonplace in the private sector.

Additionally, to ensure the success of digital initiatives, service providers should assure their users of security when using their services. This security might cover a mix of concerns, including ownership and control of data, privacy, fast and convenient services, and broad accessibility.

In this report, Australian public sector information security leaders discuss the importance of trusted digital services. They share their insights on how security and trust can be built into digital government, as well as the challenges that agencies can face as this digital shift occurs.

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Measuring DevSecOps Effectiveness, Australia

The DevSecOps Shift Has Arrived

The way applications are developed, deployed, accessed and used has changed.

Infrastructures that were once contained and relatively straightforward to encircle with security measures have become complex and multi-cloud. Applications are now operationalised in tandem with their development, live online and are updated regularly and rapidly. Just as development has been modernised with DevOps practices, securing applications is undergoing a similar shift to become DevSecOps, with security decisions and processes now embedded into the development cycle.

This report examines the processes and best practices currently being used to evaluate the effectiveness of DevSecOps practices. Through insights gathered from cybersecurity leaders within organisations using DevSecOps approaches, we discuss how security leaders measure these programs and what considerations other CISOs and cyber leaders should make to improve security in DevOps.

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Australian Cybersecurity Leaders Share Insights and Explore Challenges Related to the Future of Identity Security

What role does identity and authorisation play in risk, and how is that risk managed by Australian cybersecurity leaders?

Featuring insights from interviews with expert cybersecurity leaders, this report will explore the way Australian security professionals view risk through an identity lens, the approaches they take to gain intelligence around that risk, and how they see the industry moving toward mature identity management solutions. 

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